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Lost Sierra Chamber reorganizes – meeting April 6

The Lost Sierra Chamber of Commerce is holding a reorganizational meeting this Tuesday, April 6, at the Mohawk Community Resource Center on the corner of Highways 89 and 70 at 4:30 p.m. The public can also attend via AT&T Office@Hand Meeting. (The links are included at the end of this article.)

Some LSCC board members are resigning at this time, leaving critical vacancies at the Chamber. The Board is requesting engagement by its members and the community at large to nominate candidates to help fill these vacancies. To be successful, chambers need a highly motivated and resourceful board of directors, followed by at least a part-time executive director and a part-time assistant that could serve as a technical consultant for chamber members.

A steering committee for LSCC met several times this past winter to address chamber as well as member challenges, and developed a new strategic plan for LSCC which the current board approved at its recent meeting. The new plan will require resources and assistance to get back to where the Chamber and local business was in 2019.

One of the greatest values local chambers could provide in today’s business world is some type of technical computer assistance to chamber members. Part of LSCC’s new Strategic Plan includes going after funding to help hire an executive director and technical consultant. Doing so will create added value for members by bringing them new resources, create a new role for chambers in their communities, and help foster economic development in Plumas County by attracting new businesses.

If you are interested in attending; stepping forward as an officer, board member, or advisory board member; or could provide other much needed resources to the Chamber, please attend the reorganizational meeting on April 6 at 4:30 p.m. LSCC has been a driving force in the community for many years. The loss of this “economic engine” at a time when the business community is poised to rebound, could be devastating. It is critical for LSCC to reorganize in order to drive commerce, promote and preserve the resources of the Lost Sierra region, and build a prospering community.

To join the meeting remotely, please follow the link below:

To join audio only from a smartphone:


Or dial:

        Dial: +18179009005

       PIN: 256 072 482


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