Lost Sierra Lights seeks to spread cheer with random tree lights in Eastern Plumas

Eastern Plumas residents hope to spread a little holiday cheer with a new project that they are calling Lost Sierra Lights.

Beginning in the first week of December, random small trees will be lit along public and private roadways. While some locals may enjoy the quiet peace of stumbling upon a random tree, others may wish to use this opportunity as a fun, Covid-safe scavenger hunt, to try to find all of the trees. Updates will be posted on Facebook and Instagram for those wishing to find the trees.

You can help! Donate to add a little light to the winter dark. Donations will fund solar lights set up on random trees in the communities to remind us all that a little light goes a long way.

A donation of $35 gets you a random tree. Sizes may vary, but they won’t be taller than 12 feet. Spread the anonymous goodness! Random locations won’t be listed, but the number of trees will be updated so people looking for trees will know how many to search for.


A donation of $85 gets you a dedicated tree. This is a beautiful way to honor a loved one or sponsor a tree. Extra care will be exercised to be sure it stays lit and fully charged to shine brightly. Any excess above maintenance costs will be donated to your charity of choice.

Solar lights will be hung with permission on trees on public and private property in the greater Portola and Graeagle areas. Hours of light will depend on daily weather and exact location, but best viewing will be within 2-3 hours of nightfall.

If you have a tree on your property that is visible from public roads in the area that you would like to offer for lighting, please message Lost Sierra Lights directly for options.

To be clear: Lost Sierra reminds the public that they are not buying the tree or the lights. They are simply donating lights to a community activity. No one is making money on the project. This is a community-minded project and any leftover funds will be donated directly to charity.


Please visit @lostsierralights on Instagram or Lost Sierra Lights on Facebook to donate, or to begin the search for lit trees.