Loud bang startles East Quincy

If you heard that loud bang in East Quincy late yesterday afternoon, you might be wondering what it was. According to the California Highway Patrol, it was a blown tire.

On Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 22, at approximately 4:45 p.m., John Howe II of Quincy,  was trying to pull his Kenworth truck tractor into his driveway on Katherine Street, in East Quincy.  The Kenworth became stuck in the snow berm on his driveway.

He attempted to “rock” the vehicle to free it from the snow berm.  The rear tires of the Kenworth spun upon the packed snow and pavement.  Ultimately, the right front rear tire of the truck tractor came apart and a section of the tire tread was propelled into the cab of the truck tractor.

The CHP, Plumas County Sheriff’s Office, and Quincy Fire Department responded to the scene.