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Kodi Lowdermilk takes his turn at the mound March 14 in Loyalton. In the spotlight for just a short time, Lowdermilk was able to strike out two Grizzlies at bat. Photos by Mari Erin Roth

Loyalton lake dries in time

Hunter Cabral really fires in the pitches for the Tigers.

The Portola Tigers played ball against the Loyalton Grizzlies at Loyalton on March 14. “The field was three-quarters under water on Friday,” said Grizzly coach Bryan Griffin, but the dust was flying fine as the Grizzlies beat the Tigers 9-5.

Both teams were able to get the bases loaded in the first inning and multiple times thereafter during the competition.

Lively play characterized the match, which really kept things moving. The weather was ideal and the location scenic. It was a perfect day for a game on the field. It was a great day for Tiger and Grizzly fans.

At his first at bat, Grizzly Zane White hit the ball and got on base.

“That’s the first time he’s ever seen a live pitch,” exclaimed Grizzly coach Griffin. “The last time that boy played was in T-ball when he was 7.” The coach was clearly excited by the results. Actually, the overall feeling coming from the Grizzly team was that they were having the best day ever.

The Tigers were able give all four of their pitchers some time on the mound. Mitch Pearson, Kodi Lowdermilk, Chandler Ross and Hunter Cabral all exhibited promise and skill to the fans in the stand for the coming season.

Eric Jacobson and pitcher Lowdermilk took turns catching for the Tigers, both prominent players on the recently retired-for-the-season Portola basketball team.

Jacobson led the team in stolen bases taking two.

Right-handed pitcher Mitch Pearson stretches to fire strikes at the Grizzlies.

Lowdermilk was seen on first base as well, calling out directions from the coach to the outfield, reminiscent of his recent days as captain of the Tigers’ basketball team.

Another familiar face for the Tigers is that coach Tim Brubaker also just got off the basketball court with the Tigers.

Stats for the game include two runs for Jacobson and one each for Edgar Cuevas and Hunter Cabral. Justin Wicks and Lowdermilk each batted .500 for the game. Wicks led with two RBIs.

Catcher Eric Jacobson is not distracted by Grizzly wildcat imitations; Jacobson tags the runner out.

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