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Who made Santa’s nice list this year?

This is the time of year when parents warn their children about Santa’s naughty and nice list. In the spirit of the season, we decided to forego the naughty and focus our attention on those who have been particularly nice this year. Newspaper staff in each of our offices weighed in on those who they thought should receive special recognition. This is by no means an all-inclusive list, just a sampling of some of the wonderful people and organizations that serve our county and make it a great place to live.

Firefighters: Several people mentioned all of those who fought fires here in Plumas County and throughout the state.

Local law enforcement: For their efforts in investigating local fires and successfully prosecuting the arsonist, as well as all they do to keep us safe.

Special recognition to our Sheriff and District Attorney who go above and beyond in their service to this county.

Public health officials: We applaud Plumas County Public Health for their efforts to fight the opioid epidemic — work that has received state recognition.

A shout out also goes to those behind the effort to make Quincy a HeartSafe Community, which also recently received recognition, giving Plumas County the highest survival rate for victims who have a heart attack out in the community.

We also appreciate the work of our three local hospitals, which, despite financial challenges, provide compassionate care to our citizens.

High Sierra Animal Rescue: For the organization’s dedication to securing forever homes for dogs who otherwise might be euthanized.

Recognition also goes to PAWS for its commitment to cats, and the Plumas County animal shelter for its efforts to care for the county’s abandoned pets.

Plumas Arts: The fabric of life in Plumas County would be dramatically different without Executive Director Roxanne Valladao and all of her efforts to advance art and culture in the schools and communities.

In addition to countywide groups, several individuals were mentioned. Again, this is not an inclusive list — they are just some of the local citizenry who stood out in the past year.

From Chester/Lake Almanor

Susan Bryner: She was singled out for her community involvement. She has been described as the “idea person” for so many events that included local businesses and residents. Not only does she have ideas — she implements them. She has a way of making volunteers feel, “like the most important” person to the event.

From Indian Valley

Janice Hall Thomas: Despite living with cancer, Thomas has continued to volunteer her time and energy in the community in particular the Cy Hall Museum.

Marsha Roby: Named Community Member of the Year by the community and Chamber of Commerce, between the Methodist Youth Group, the Indian Valley YOUth Summit and her energy in volunteer teaching music at both charter and traditional public schools.

Gould and Bev Hardesty: They open the Way Station for community meals on holidays and hold their own brand of community events.

Ken and Centella Tucker of Evergreen Market: They always contribute to community events and especially those related to children.

From Portola

Patricia Ryan: She can always be found volunteering to organize events and working to bring the community together.

Adam Bronson: He brought food to a whole new level in the community with his work this year on the pay-what-you-can style restaurant called POTLUCK, also known as People Organized Through Love, Understanding, Community, and Kitchen.

From Quincy

Lisa Kelly: She organizes amazing events for the Feather River College Foundation and also for the Quincy Chamber of Commerce.

Capt. Carl: Two years after his death, the community is still benefiting from his generosity.

Local businesses: We appreciate all of the individuals who continue to operate or who have opened new businesses throughout town. Their existence brings vitality to the community.

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  • Special thanks to the places who care about animals.

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