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"Ice Star" is just one of Lucinda Wood's creations that will be on display at Main Street Artists Gallery. An opening reception is Oct. 1.

Main Street Artists Gallery features the show “Early Light” in October

By Y. Chang

Artist Lucinda Wood opens her 2021 show at Main Street Artists Gallery on Oct. 1 with a stunning collection of works titled “Early Light.”  The ever popular local artist will be offering a group of new watercolors in her flawless style of translucent perfection, and a first for this gallery, her photographs.

As a local artist, Lucinda has shared our experience of fire, evacuation, and days of uncertainty.  During this time she has produced nine new paintings which anchors this show of nature’s delicate beauty and complexity.  This show is a much needed balance to the horror and decimation of our recent conflagration.

This offering is the result of her artist’s love of morning light.  She said, “I love the magical light of early morning.  The early light on the canyon walls of the Middle Fork Feather River near Nelson Creek took my breath away, made doubly beautiful by its reflection.  I hiked down into the canyon several times to paint and swim.”  The result is  her work “Tranquility.”

This collection will certainly please  fans of Lucinda’s style.  Her watercolors are technically exquisite in execution.  Her colors are rich, evocative and translucent.  Her paintings replicate reality and then transcends with the poetic grace notes of her subtle shifts of light and storytelling.

If that isn’t enough, nine of her favorite ice photographs will also be on display for the first time.  This is an entirely new direction for Lucinda and an exploration.

Lucinda presents, “New Every Morning” Frozen Flights of Fancy, her photographic collection of “fleeting fantastic displays.”  In a recent discussion of her photos Lucinda revealed her inspiration for this group.

“In winter I like to rise before the sun, bundle up and race out to see what new designs have formed in the ice overnight.  Sometimes they are geometric and cubist, sometimes fern or feather like, sometimes both at once!  Clearly, somebody up there loves making complex and intricate designs!  I love these fleeting, fantastic displays.  I feel they are windows into the creative Genius who started it all.  And they are a sign of extravagant generosity!”

This is an excellent opportunity to see her recent works and add to your private collection.  Lucinda will be in attendance to answer questions as well as other Main Streets Artist Gallery Members and Artists.  Certainly worth a gander, come and see for yourself, the extravagant generosity of her muse.

Opening reception is Oct. 1 from 5 t0 7 p.m.  Face coverings needed.  Main Street Artists Gallery is located at 436 Main St. in Quincy, 530 283-1909.  It is open Wednesday through Friday, 11 -5, Saturday, 11-4.  Custom Framing available Fridays or by appointment 530 283-1134.   www.mainstreetartists.net

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