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Main Street Artists Gallery presents the April Group Show this Friday

Main Street Artists Gallery invites you to join them on Friday, April 7, from 5-7 p.m. for a wine and appetizer reception at the gallery at 436 Main Street in Quincy.

Spring has arrived at Main Street Artists Gallery and it’s a welcome event.  If last month’s reception is any indicator of the community’s need for social connection, April will be another big get together for artists, treasured patrons, and guests.

The Gallery presents a big show, full of color, by the wildly creative and talented cadre of Member Artists.  “This motley crew is the driving force of all that is beautiful and good at 436 Main Street,” organizers say.  “When you purchase local art and bring that into your home or office, you are bringing all that beauty and goodness into your space too.”

Art brings people together. Main Street Artists Gallery receptions are lively gatherings where people come together in person and create the community’s shared story.  The works on the walls, the storytelling and the excited conversations that occur; all of it is the community building its shared story.

“Art has been important in our lives since the beginning of humans.  It helped us understand the intangible things like emotions, self-awareness, and spirit.  Art helps us appreciate new perspectives and ideas,” the gallery manager say. ” Every piece in the Gallery becomes an opportunity to see the world through a different lens than one’s own.  Scientific studies prove that art appreciation improves our quality of life and makes us feel good.”

So, with all those good reasons to appreciate art, Main Street Artists Gallery will expect to see you at 5 sharp for some wine therapy and incredible beauty.  The walls will be abundant with new perspectives, ideas, and a big helping of “feels good.”

Gallery hours are Wednesday – Friday 11-5 and Saturdays 11-4

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