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This work titled Immersion will be on display at the Main Street Artists Gallery . An opening reception for photographer Barbara McCabe is June 2.

Main Street Artists host opening reception for Barbara McCabe June 2

Main Street Artists Gallery presents another First Friday reception to toast the works of photographer Barbara McCabe on Friday,  June 2, from 5-7 p.m. with wine and appetizers. Join the fun at the Gallery, 436 Main Street, in Quincy.

Barbara McCabe is the featured artist and will fill the main Gallery with a fresh look at her world and yours. In this show of unique black and white photography, her focus in this show is on textures.

Touching Textures Cactus by Barbara McCabe

McCabe brings a big show that demonstrates a three dimensional feature in the two dimensional medium of film photography. It is a tactile visual element, important in that there is an absence of color when it comes to black and white photography. This tactile quality is found in the softness of lighting, the crispness of lines and pattern. You feel the joyful dance of motes of light upon the water and the deep dark contrast of forests against a brilliant dawn suffused with light. Touching Textures is an invitation to feel both the textural contrasts and the emotional aspects they signal.

She presents works created from a historical analog camera much like what Ansel Adams used, from panoramic views to evocative greeting cards. Her cameras are varied in scale from large to small from her beautiful large format View camera to the smaller pinhole cameras she makes from tin cans.

Barbara has been focused working diligently to bring fresh works to this show. She will present, for the first time, a new series of 16 self-portraits in nature. In addition, there will be a collection of larger than ever productions of Vancouver Island, and Toffino on the far western coast as well as Banff in Alberta Canada. Add to that, a new assortment of lovely cyanotypes, created by placing local botanicals directly upon the photographic medium. These result in a lively set of blue toned images, each being a unique and original work of art.

McCabe has always wanted to bring more into the frame than an image of place, or thing. A fan of her work commented that Barbara is like the “Where is Waldo” of photography as followers delight in finding her among the weeds and hills she photographs. Her desire is not to showcase herself but rather to be the invitation to join in and enjoy the space.

Her journey into photography and nature expands as she has just been selected as one of the Artists in Residence at the Black Mountain Fire Lookout this summer. There she will spend 4 days and nights absorbing the view from far above the valley. Barbara hopes the experience will bring new inspirations and visual experiences to the November show at Plumas Arts this year. She will be the first photographer awarded this opportunity.

Experience this show as Barbara McCabe continues in her quest to bring the viewer into the frame both in mind, now in heart, through Touching Textures.

Main Street Artists Gallery is located at 436 Main St. in Quincy.  (530) 283-1909 Gallery hours are 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Wednesday-Friday and Saturday 11 a.m.-  4 p.m.Treetops Touching Sky by Barbara McCabe

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