Major parking lot project underway at PDH

Those visiting the North Fork Clinic on the Plumas District Hospital campus will need to find alternative parking beginning Thursday, July 21 due to a parking lot project.  The main hospital parking lot and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints parking lot will be available during this time for patients.

“The parking lot project is set to begin today, July 19. We will work hard to communicate often with our community in as much detail as we can provide,” wrote Chief Operating Officer Darren Beatty in a letter to staff and community. “This project is massive and will be disruptive to our normal operations for staff and patients. In the end, we will have a much safer parking lot — free of tripping hazards; drainage systems that will prevent localized flooding; ADA compliant parking spots. We will have around 55 new parking spots as well! We thank you, our community members, patients, and staff for your continued patience during this process.”

The construction crew will start on Valley View Drive north of the North Fork Building. Half of the North Fork parking lot along the east end, nearest the creek, will be removed on Wednesday, July 20, and the remainder of the lot on Thursday, July 21.

The attached map shows the areas of work broken down in five sections (A – E). Generally speaking, area B will be the first part of the project completed. It is projected that area B will be completed by Monday, August 15. The main hospital parking lot (Areas D & E) are expected to be completed near the end of the project.


“We will continue to provide updates and detailed parking instructions as timelines are modified,” Beatty said. “This project is paid for by our hospital bond and not from operations. We greatly appreciate the support from our community for this.”