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March 29: Plumas announces 7 new cases

The Plumas County Public Health Agency announced this evening, March 29, that there are 7 new cases to report — all from the Eastern Region. The health agency is now posting positive test results twice a week — on Mondays and Thursdays. So today’s case count includes all cases reported since Thursday, March 25, when three new cases were reported.

The breakdown is as follows:

Seven from the Eastern Region (Portola/Graeagle): Five cases were reported March 27 and two additional cases were reported today. Plumas Unified reported earlier today three cases associated with Portola High School.

The total confirmed number of coronavirus cases in the county is 682 with 10 active cases — seven in the Eastern Region and three in the Southern Region. There have been 41 hospitalizations and six deaths to date.

Case investigations have started. Individuals who might have been exposed, will be contacted by Public Health.

The Public Health Agency has transitioned from its own portal for Plumas County residents to register for a vaccine, to the state’s MyTurn system.

More information about COVID-19 in Plumas County can be found by calling the Public Health hotline at 283-6400 or by visiting its website.

Plumas County COVID-19 Totals as of 03-29-2021

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