Margot Patricia Stratton

Margot Patricia Stratton

1/18/1934 – 3/17/2021

Margo Stratton was born to Lowell and Jean Bader on January 18th 1934 in San Francisco California. She peacefully passed away at her home on March 17th 2021 surrounded by her animals, which she loved so much.

Services will be held on July 24th at 11 a.m. at the Meadow Valley Cemetery with a reception immediately following at the old Meadow Valley School House. We would like this to be a potluck, as she would have wanted. Anyone who can is asked to please bring your favorite dish for the enjoyment of others.

When she was young her family used to come up to Plumas County and stay with the Walt Robinson family at Tollgate where she and her sisters briefly attended Middle Valley School. When she was 16 her family moved to Meadow Valley where her father bought the Meadow Valley Store and Post Office. She attended Quincy High School then married Trevor Stratton in 1951. They raised four boys, David (deceased), Shaun, Rodger (deceased), and Kevin (deceased). In 1969 she adopted a 1-month-old daughter that she longed for for many years and named her Tari. She is survived by her sister Donna McElroy of Meadow Valley, Shaun Stratton of Chico and Tari Truman of Grass Valley, many nieces and nephews as well as grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren.

She was an active woman, always volunteering wherever the need may be. She was active in the Meadow Valley PTA, hosted Tupperware parties and sold Avon for many years. When the school district decided to close the Meadow Valley School in 1967, she, Betty Wilson, Jenny Azevedo and a group of other mothers in the valley were not having it. They staged a sit-in at the schoolhouse, which was reported on by the Sacramento Bee and Channel 3 News out of Sacramento. She and the other ladies defied numerous cease-and-desist orders and eviction notices from the school district. Once when one of the process servers came with papers to serve them, she told the server to tell the school board to keep them coming as they were running out of toilet paper. Many of the mothers took out mortgages on their homes to pay for the attorney’s fees. They held very successful benefit dinners where they and a lot of the local children who went to the school help put on. Jenny Azevedo was the cook for the dinners and was well known throughout the county for her excellence in Mexican cooking. They hired their own teacher and kept this school running but had to concede when the school district declared the schoolhouse unsafe due to the new earthquake standards. Upon her divorce from Trevor in 1973 she reluctantly moved to Quincy and open a beauty salon and then bought and operated a credit bureau. After that she went to work for the Plumas County Department of Environmental Health and was the office manager there for 30 years until her retirement. After her retirement she worked for the Plumas County Animal Shelter where she made sure that all adopted animals were put in good homes. She sat on the board of directors for the Plume Animal Welfare Society commonly known as PAWS. She dearly loved the county and all of the people that made it so great. The county has lost another one of their great ones and she will be missed by many.