Meacher resigns

Former city manager to serve as interim leader

The Portola City Council unanimously accepted the resignation of City Manager Robert Meacher without discussion during a special meeting Wednesday afternoon, May 2.

“We accept his letter of resignation,” Mayor Pat Morton said, “and now we need to start the recruitment process.”

After a closed session, the council reconvened and announced that the city would be negotiating with former City Manager Leslie (Tigan) Chrysler to serve as the interim manager from May 16, 2018 to June 30, 2020. When asked why the term was for two years if the council was planning to recruit for the position, Chrysler, who was present, explained that it was because of the terms of her PERS, which limits the number of hours, as well as contract terms. The two-year timeframe would ensure that she would be available as needed.

While no reason was given for Meacher’s resignation, during a phone interview, Meacher said he had planned to retire at the end of November, but abruptly changed his plans when he returned home from vacation April 23 and saw that he was scheduled for an unexpected performance evaluation April 25.

Meacher said he was told, “We think you should leave sooner rather than later.” Originally, that date was going to be June 30, the end of the fiscal year, but Meacher decided to depart immediately and resigned effective 5 p.m. on April 27.


“I resigned because since announcing I was leaving at the end of November, working conditions have changed,” he said.

Meacher said that had he not been on vacation, he doesn’t think that any of this would have transpired.

“All the reasons they cited were not legitimate,” Meacher said of the concerns expressed by the council during a separation meeting.

The city has faced a number of challenges recently, including those with the Portola Fire Department.

As this newspaper went to press, there was no comment made by the city in relation to the separation.

When asked about his plans for the future, Meacher said, “I’m still sorting through this.”

Meacher is a former Plumas County Supervisor and the former owner of the Genesee Store, as well as a resident there. He relocated to Portola some time after he accepted the city manager position in June 2014.


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  • What Portola Fire Department ?

    • The one that’s fewer than 100 meters from the bowling alley that burned to the ground?

  • Good riddance! Everything Robert Meacher has his hands in turns to garbage. The guy is an outright crook and the chickens are finally coming home to roost. Meacher was a horrible supervisor and an even worse city manager. I hope the good people of Plumas County start selecting some better candidates to fill public service positions.

  • Never trust anyone from Taylorsville.

    • Or idiots from Portola

      • Portola is a sh**hole, we should build a big beautiful wall around it.

        • Believe me it will be a beautiful Wall. We will get the people of Portola to pay for it…..pause for applause. It will help keep the blight out of our area. Have I told you I know people who build the best wall, best walls, they’re beautiful, they’re strong and they will LAST! My beautiful wife she knows all about walls, I can’t even breech her bedroom, it’s a Great Wall. But we will build it and keep they’re drugs and rapists and look people it’s just gonna be beautiful. Convefe! BELIEVE ME!

  • Meacher is a friend of mine. Apparently he has a lot more class than some of the commenters in this thread. Wonder what big stuff they have accomplished that makes them so uppity? “Show your work.”

  • Also, Portola has Rico’s Mexican Restaurant, so whatever I might think of particular comments, I’d break through any wall around the city just to get a meal there.

    • Of course you will. Walls are futile as is resistance.

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