Meadow Valley Fire awards

At the annual Meadow Valley Fire Department Christmas Dinner at Patti’s Thunder in Quincy on Dec. 14, three firefighters were recognized for their numerous accomplishments. Chief Ron Heinbockel, right, presented Rob Gimbel with the Firefighter of the Year award. Gimbel was recognized for being the main water tender operator who supplies engines with water during fire incidents, and his dedication as a firefighter and first responder throughout his 30-plus years with the department. “You can count on Rob to ALWAYS show up to help with any activity the department is involved with. Gimbel is dependable, a good firefighter and a good citizen. The fire department benefits from it.” His award reads: 2019 Firefighter of the Year. Rob Gimbel. Always There. Warren Grandall, long-time firefighter, was presented with his 35-year pin. JR Pozey was presented with his 5-year pin. Photo submitted