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Meadow Valley Fire moves toward building new firehouse

Meadow Valley Fire Chief Ron Heinbockel is ready to respond after hearing what may turn out to be a call for assistance from Oakland Camp on July 4. Photos by Mari Erin Roth

Saving money to build a new firehouse in the Meadow Valley community has been a 20-year process, according to current Meadow Valley Fire Chief Ron Heinbockel.

The chief described the funding as “almost there” during an interview before the hot dog feast that traditionally occurs at the firehouse at the conclusion of the annual 4th of July parade.

A model was built for visitors to visualize the pending improvements, and the chief was on hand to answer questions during the post-parade gathering. The proposed design is needed to accommodate updated, and much larger, fire apparatus.

At the 4th of July event, Heinbockel smiled as he said, “We just received a generous donation,” which when added to the funds already collected, ensured the building of a five-bay fire station in Meadow Valley.

The MVFD serves not only Meadow Valley. The fire department also responds to every single call for medical or structure fire for Bucks Lake.

“We go to Quincy for mutual aid and coverage,” said Heinbockel. When ordered through the Office of Emergency Services to go out-of-county, “We can make ourselves available,” added Heinbockel.

Funds are still needed to complete the office and to pour a cement apron (tarmac) in front of the new station, “but we have enough to get the building up and running,” said Heinbockel. Details such as rugs, a washer and dryer, sinks, cabinets and turnout racks are currently unfunded.

The building of the new facility is scheduled to break ground by Aug. 1 and be functional by November.

The mailing address for the Meadow Valley Fire Station is P.O. Box 130, Meadow Valley, CA 95956. Fire Chief Ron Heinbockel is available for more information at 283-2161 and 616-1174.

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