Measles, 5150s and an active shooter drill

Each week these pages are filled with stories that are important to individual communities and to the county as a whole. As our regular readers know, the front section of each newspaper is designed particularly for that community, while the Regional section (the one that you are reading now), and the Sports and Business sections are common to all four Plumas County newspapers.

In the front section of this newspaper, the Plumas County Public Health Agency shares important information about the measles outbreak plaguing many parts of the country. Luckily, we here in Plumas have no reported cases, but neighboring counties do. This disease, thought to have been eradicated in the United States, is making a comeback and you must be vaccinated to mitigate your chances of getting the disease and/or minimizing its impact. We encourage you to read the article and contact your personal healthcare provider for information on what you should do to protect yourself and others.

Also in the front section is an interesting article about 5150 cases and their impact on our communities — particularly law enforcement and health care personnel. Hospital emergency rooms are witnessing a spike in dealing with individuals with mental illness and finding that they have limited options to deal with those patients. This is an eye-opening account of what happens locally.

Finally, the front page of this section focuses on an active shooter drill held at Portola High School. It’s a sad commentary on our society that events like these are necessary, but the drill helped local entities realize where their responses went right and what could be done better. The lessons learned from this drill will be helpful in various sorts of emergencies. A lot of effort went into making this exercise happen, and we applaud all of those involved.

Wishing all moms a “Happy Mother’s Day”

They are daughters, mothers and grandmothers. They are also three of our staff writers here at Feather Publishing and they took time to share their very personal stories with our readers in celebration of Mother’s Day.

Take some time to read their stories as you think about your own mother or grandmother this Sunday. Roni Java shares poignant memories of her mother on the facing page in this week’s My Turn column. Victoria Metcalf and Meg Upton both share what it was like to spend time being raised by a grandmother, and for Metcalf that experience has come full circle as she raises her grandson. They are touching stories and speak to the lifelong impacts our mothers and grandmothers have on our lives.

When many of us started working here at Feather Publishing we were young mothers and now we are grandmothers. We have experienced the joys and the heartaches of both, and we have leaned on each other throughout the years celebrating and commiserating.

Our stories and memories are no doubt similar to other groups of women who have supported each other in trying to do the best we can with the most important job that we will ever have — raising our children (and in some cases grandchildren). This Mother’s Day, we at Feather Publishing wish all Moms a very “Happy Mother’s Day.”