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Meeting set to discuss removal of Dame Shirley Park trees

There will be a public meeting of the Quincy Design Review Committee at 5:15 p.m. on Thursday, May 2, in the planning department’s meeting room at 555 Main St. to discuss the removal of some of the elm trees at Dame Shirley Park.

This is the second independent arborist’s report that recommends removal of the elm trees; the last report was 10 years ago.

Plumas County Administrator Gabriel Hydrick said, “The recommendation will be to remove the trees in the lawn that run east to west along the parking lot drive aisle. In addition, the recommendation will be to remove the southerly tree in the group of trees that runs north to south in the parking island of the County parking lot.”

While the recommendation from the arborist report last month is to remove all of these trees, he said that “staff recognizes the aesthetic, functional and sentimental value of our trees that the public holds, and recommends phasing the removal and replacement of these trees. Staff looks forward to public attendance and input at the Design Review Committee meeting.”


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