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More corrected ballots issued; 15 percent voter turnout thus far in Plumas

Plumas County Clerk Recorder Marcy DeMartile announced this morning, Oct. 25,  that it was discovered yesterday that an additional 32 voters were not issued the correct ballot for Trustee Area 5 in the Graeagle area.

“All of the addresses have been updated, and those voters are being notified and receiving the correct ballot for their registered physical address as of today,” DeMartile said.

She explained how this occurred:  “After the trustee area redistricting and renumbering of those districts was adopted, it required most of the over 25,000 addresses in Plumas County to be manually changed and updated reflecting the Trustee Area changes and precinct numbers, with over 5,400 of those in Trustee Area 5. The Elections office staff worked diligently in the process, but unfortunately errors happened. We apologize that some of the addresses were not correct in the initial issuance of ballots, but we have now remedied the issue.”

DeMartile also  invited any members of the public to visit the Elections office at any time to observe any of the processes conducted there. “If you would like to become a member of any of our processing boards for the many elections we conduct, you may contact our office and make that request to our Elections Coordinator,” she said.

Any questions can be directed to 530-283-6129.

Plumas County has a 15 percent voter turnout as of now. Election Day is Nov. 8.

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