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Men’s golf in Graeagle
Graeagle Men’s Golfer Wednesday group had a great day on the green May 26th. The game was a 4-man net called “1-2-3,” in which one player’s ball is used on the first hole, two player’s balls are used on the second hole and three are used on the third hole. This sequence continues through the rest of the 18 holes. First place was a tie between the teams of Ron Clark, Jello Man (Steve Harding), Ron Eaton plus Tom Fegulia and the team of Mark Yuill, Wally Walker, Norm Nichols plus Dan Anderson having a score of 125. The team of Jim Reynolds, Bert Bellows, George Fraser and Dessis Flynn took third place with a score of 129. Skins taken during Wednesday play went to Jim Hendrick with a 2 on hole 1, Bert bellows with a 3 on hole 5, David Goodwin with a 2 on hole 6, Dan Anderson with a 3 on hole 7, Jeff Monaghan with a 3 on hole 11, and Dan Anderson with a 2 on hole 14.
The game May 28 was a 2-man net best ball with the caveat that each player had to use their ball 9 times and had to declare prior to playing the hole. Ron Clark and Mike Irving took first place in the competition with a score of 60. The teams of Mike Gibson plus Chuck Franck and John Capdeville plus Corey Fanti tied for second place, both teams shooting 63. Third place was also a tie with the teams of Mark Yuill /Steve Peterson and Jim Reynolds/Winston Giles, both scoring 65. Skins for the Friday competition went to Winston Giles with a 2 on hole 4, Mike Gibson with a 3 on hole 9, John Capdeville with a 2 on hole 10 and lastly Steve Peterson had a 1 on hole 16.
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Women’s golf in Graeagle
The Graeagle Women’s Golf Association will begin teeing off today, June 1. Look for more information here next week or call 836-2647 for Karen Frasier to get involved on the course.
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