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New courthouse for Quincy? The process has begun

The project to build a new courthouse in Quincy for the Plumas Superior Court has begun. According to Court Executive Officer Deborah Norrie, the project will be managed by the state Judicial Council on behalf of the Court. To assist in the decision making, a group of community members selected by the Court will provide input to the project.

When asked if a location had been selected for the new courthouse, Norrie said that site selection and acquisition would be part of the first phase of the project.

The Court currently occupies about a quarter of the historic courthouse, which is owned by Plumas County and shared with County offices.  This courthouse, which was built in 1921, does not meet modern operational and security standards and cannot be expanded or retrofitted to meet the needs of the Court. As a result, the  Judicial Council ranked this project as an “immediate need” and it was funded on that basis.

The proposed project enables the Court to greatly improve security and provide basic services currently not possible because of space limitations, such as adequately sized public service counters, a jury assembly room, rooms for attorney-client meetings and family court/self-help services.  In addition, the proposed project is planned to include parking for the public, court users, jurors and staff.

The courthouse project is scheduled for completion by December 2028.  Once the new courthouse is completed, the Court will vacate its space in the historic courthouse and the County will maintain ownership of that building.

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