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New cribbage players encouraged to join the fun and learn about the game

At our Saturday, June 15, grassroots cribbage tournament we had 13 players with two new players, Bea and Mike Barbarito, along with one of our regular out-of-towners, Ron Morgan, all making the trek from Reno.

Any why not since the first-place honors went to Morgan with an impressive 15 game points earned with seven wins. I was right behind him with my 14 games points and six wins. I earned some extra game points by virtue of “skunking” two opponents.

Third and fourth place was a photo finish with Dave Boynton from Quincy taking third and Frank Davis, also from Quincy, coming in fourth. Both had 12/6 cards, but Dave had a net spread of 69 points edging out Frank with his plus 63 spread points.

There were only two 24-hands with Davis getting the last one and winning the 24-Hand Pot. There were also only two 4-of-a-kind hands, one held by Davis and the other by Mike Barbarito, who drew the card when they cut the deck to determine the winner of the 4-of-a-Kind Pot.

Hot day for Morgan, he had two chances for a perfect 29-hand, holding three fives and the off-suit jack, but couldn’t cash in on the elusive 29-hand. Poor guy had to settle for a measly 28 point hand! It’s no wonder though since the odds of getting one is one in 216,580! Another strange happening was Doug Hart getting a 24-hand and a 14-point crib in one game and still ending up losing the game by three pegs!

We will be in summer play until Sept. 1 so it is a good time for new players to join in the fun without the pressure of competition in the regular season, September through May.

New players are always given a four-week “grace period” where their opponents are allowed to help them count their hands and answer questions during play. The objective is to make it a friendly and instructive atmosphere for new players.

The Graeagle Peggers Grassroots Cribbage Club meets at Gumba’s Pizza in Blairsden every Saturday for a 9-game tournament. Check-in is at 10:45 a.m. and play begins at 11 a.m.

For more information or questions, contact me, Doug Rodrigues, the club’s director at 836-4254. Players of all skill levels are welcome!

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