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New fire hazard severity maps topic of Quincy Firewise meeting

Submitted by Sally McGowan


The first meeting of the 2023 Quincy Firewise Community speaker series will convene Wednesday evening Jan. 25 at 5 p.m. at the West End Theatre inside Quintopia. This month’s speaker is Tracey Ferguson.  She currently serves as the Plumas County Planning Director and is a member of the Quincy Firewise Community Core Planning Group. We encourage all Quincy and county-wide Firewise Community members to join us for this particular gathering as Tracey will recap the salient points from the recent Public Hearing conducted by CAL FIRE representatives on the State Responsibility Area (SRA) Fire Hazard Severity Zones.

Why is this meeting important?  Over the past few years, CAL FIRE has been building new models for a 2022 update to their SRA Fire Hazard Severity Zone maps.  The hazard mapping process will incorporate new science in local climate data and improved fire assessment modeling for determining hazard ratings.  The most current map for Plumas County SRA shows a Very High Severity hazard rating. Questions remain about the rating in light of the following factors: the loss of the towns of Greenville and Canyon Dam; over 400,000 acres of Plumas County SRA burned during the Dixie Fire; the growing number of Hazardous Fuel Reduction project acres treated by the Plumas County Fire Safe Council; and the efforts of 28 Firewise Communities in Plumas County (the most of any county in California) to reduce wildfire risk through home hardening and fuel reduction in the Home Ignition Zone (HIZ). The big question for many Plumas County residents is how this rating will affect property insurance rates and renewals.

Tracey Ferguson, Plumas County Planning Director, will be with us Wednesday evening to summarize CAL FIRE’s Public Hearing and to share her thoughts on the process of Fire Hazard Severity Zone mapping.  Tracey is known throughout Plumas County as a collaborator and problem solver when it comes to the planning challenges facing Plumas County.  She understands that the wildland urban interface (WUI) is one opportunity where certain land-use decisions, plans and policies can help residents and communities reduce wildfire risk and increase resilience.

Quincy Firewise is a local volunteer group making efforts to create a more fire aware and fire prepared community. We invite all Quincy residents, including those from surrounding areas and other Firewise Communities, to join us the last Wednesday of every month from 5-6 pm at the West End Theater inside Quintopia. In addition to monthly guest speakers, we provide up to date information on home/property insurance, evacuation preparedness, home hardening tips, and home ignition zone design.  We also offer Peer to Peer Home Consultation sign ups to assist your efforts in home hardening and hazardous fuel removal.

When:  Wednesday, January 25 from 5-6 pm (meetings are scheduled the 4th Wednesday of every month)

Where:  West End Theatre inside of Quintopia

Contact us at [email protected] or like us on Facebook

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