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From left, Jennie Pacheco answered her aunt Michelle Abramson’s call for help by creating one of a kind mouse ears to represent each letter of the alphabet. Photo by Victoria Metcalf

New kindergarten students in for an earful come Monday

By Victoria Metcalf

Special to Plumas News

When kindergarten-aged students view their virtual classroom Monday, Aug. 24, they’ll have a lot of things to see — including hand-decorated Mickey Mouse ears spelling out each letter of the alphabet.

While these youngsters may be too young to connect the once favorite “M I C K E Y M O U S E,” older generations will surely appreciate it.

Michelle Abramson is not only returning to the classroom for the fall semester, she’s returning to the school she attended in her youth, and she turned to her niece Jennie Pacheco to assist her with some meaningful artwork for her classroom.

With losing so many sources of entertainment due to COVID-19, Pacheco said she turned to the arts as a way to keep herself busy and inspired. Since both Jennie and her aunt are diehard Disney fans, doing something with the famous characters of books and movies seemed the obvious choice.

Now, marching across one wide wall in her classroom, Abramson has arranged 26 alphabet letters.

And that isn’t all. For each alphabet letter and its corresponding words, Abramson will wear a pair of the appropriate ears. This is to remind students throughout each two-hour hub session what the letter is for that day. To create all 26 letters, plus a few spars, Pacheco began her project in February or March at the latest.

Most of the creative work was fairly simple, Pacheco said. That is until she came to the letters “V” and “X.” What Disney characters fill those two letters, and with a name that sounds like the alphabet letter? Finally, Pacheco came up with Violet and Rex changing up the alphabet just a tad for the Rex character. For just that one letter, it comes at the end and not at the beginning.

And as Pacheco worked on her project, word got around and soon a Disney blogger caught wind of the idea. For those who would like to check out that blog site, go to noguiltdisney.com.

Abramson is very pleased with the work her niece did on the special project. It helps kick-off an unusual school year affected by COVID-19 that’s changed how and when some students are in the classroom.


What Disney character did Jennie Pacheco choose for “W”? You guessed it — Woody from “Toy Story.” Photo by Victoria Metcalf

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