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Some of the many outdoor activities and destinations promoted by the new plumascounty.org website

New Plumas County website for tourism and economic development

The Feather River Tourism Association launched a new website in the summer of 2022 to promote tourism to the Feather River Tourism Marketing District within Plumas County (Lake Almanor Basin, Indian Valley, Feather River Canyon, Quincy and Bucks Lake) post Dixie Fire. The website is organized by places to stay, outdoor activities, trips and tours, dining, and events. The website also includes travel safety, fishing guides, shopping spots, links to popular trails, and other useful information for visitors. The primary goal of the website is to increase visitation and overnight stays in Plumas County while showcasing the region’s natural beauty, outdoor recreation opportunities, events, cultural activities, and local businesses.

Free Marketing Opportunity for Local Businesses

Tourism districts, including the Feather River Tourism Marketing District, are a special type of economic development model promoting the hospitality industry. The goal of the district is to increase year-round revenue generated by local businesses with a primary focus on lodging with additional benefits for dining, entertainment, and recreation, thus “rising the boat” of the entire local economy.

Are you a Plumas County business or do you know one? The new plumascounty.org website has several free marketing opportunities for businesses to showcase their services.  Currently lodging providers, restaurants, golf courses, fishing and tour guides, retail, and events have an opportunity to create a profile with external links, photos, and a description on the website. This free exposure allows people planning a visit to Plumas County to find your business and include it in their vacation plans.

To add your local business to the site, please contact Sharon Roberts at [email protected] or use the online forms at the bottom of this article. Local events are encouraged to add to the site at any time! Use the link at the end of the article to directly add a one-time or recurring event anywhere in Plumas County.

The Digital Plumas County Wedding Guide

The wedding industry is an important economic driver in Plumas County. The new website not only aims to promote wedding related businesses but also to improve the visitor experience when planning a wedding in our rural region. In January of 2023, FRTA launched a digital Plumas County Wedding Guide on plumascounty.org. The goal of this guide is to provide a comprehensive and visually compelling directory of wedding venues and wedding-related services for couples planning to tie the knot. Currently, FRTA is outreaching to local wedding vendors to add more listings to the Wedding Guide. Plumas County wedding businesses (anything from venues, marriage services, photography, beauty, etc) can easily create their own profile/listing by visiting the digital guide and submitting a short form and photo.  This is a tremendous free marketing opportunity for small businesses who do not have a strong online presence or a website. The form is available at plumascounty.org/things-to-do/wedding-venues-in-northern-california. If you are a business and need assistance with this form email [email protected].

 Who is the Feather River Tourism Association?

The FRTA works with lodging providers from the Lake Almanor Basin, Indian Valley, Feather River Canyon, Quincy and Bucks Lake to improve and develop the tourism economy in these communities. FRTA is funded through a 2% assessment on lodging revenue with a budget of approximately $200,000 per year. FRTA is run by a volunteer board of directors. They are: Susan Bryner (Lake Almanor), Sharon Roberts (Lake Almanor), Josie Litchfield (Indian Valley), Riccardo Jacobus (Quincy), Janice Haman (Quincy), and Karen Kleven (Quincy), Chair-At Large. Recently, FRTA took the exciting step of hiring a full-time Executive Director, Joe Niesyn, to guide the organization into the next phase of development.

If you would like to talk with Joe to discuss your ideas or concerns related to tourism promotion  you can reach him at 530-280-1028 or [email protected].

To learn more about the work FRTA does to promote tourism, please visit the new website, plumascounty.org.

Joe Niesyn, executive eirector of the Feather River Tourism Association, with his daughter Paige. Joe and his family fully embrace everything Plumas has to offer, including boating at Bucks & Almanor, skiing, hiking and especially love the magnificent fall colors. Photo submitted

Website Forms for Local Businesses

To add your business to the plumascounty.org website please use these links and follow the instructions.

Lodging Providers: plumascounty.org/lodgings-provider-submission-form/

Restaurants & Bars: plumascounty.org/restaurant-data-collection-form/

Guides: plumascounty.org/guides-and-general-data-collection/

Retail: plumascounty.org/shopping-data-collection-form/

Wedding Vendors: plumascounty.org/wedding-vendors-form/

Events: plumascounty.org/things-to-do/events/events-form/


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