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What's left of Main Street in Downtown Greenville on Aug. 7, 2021. The rebuilding process is underway and will be greatly aided with the PG&E settlement announced today, April 11, 2022. Photo by Spanish Peak Productions

New world, new column: Greenville Rising

     Over the last month and a half, news, rumor, and resources after the Dixie Fire took Greenville have been flying at Feather Publishing/Plumas News and we try to get information back out to residents as soon as we can double check the validity of items. Sometimes people send in just two sentences of information. Sometimes organizations have information to get out or homegrown resources to share. We want to be here for that.

      At Plumas News we recognize that navigating a website with multiple stories a day can be hard to find.

     So we are starting a new column specifically to deal with rebuilding in Greenville: Greenville Rising. We recognize also that residents all over Indian Valley, Indian Falls, and Canyon Dam have lost their homes and are interested in community redevelopment. This column is for all of us.

     What do we need from you? Send us your tips, your event fundraisers, your resources you are sharing—anything having to do with the Indian Valley community rebuilding efforts and we will combine them into one article to be published weekly for the duration of rebuilding.

     While we do our best to glean through social media, we often can miss something, and of course not everyone has social media. Greenville Rising will give us all an opportunity to share information in one place. Please send your information to [email protected]. The column will appear either Monday or Tuesday of each week.

     Week of September 21

     Ambulance Service

     Indian Valley Ambulance Service Authority Chairman Guy McNett reports that CareFlight Ground has begun re-establishing their ambulance crew quarters next to the heliport behind the old hospital in Greenville. “It’s an example of Plumas District Hospital’s commitment to healthcare in Indian Valley. Especially at a time like this, that commitment is much appreciated,” said McNett.

     Community Gatherings

     Community gatherings will be held at the Historic Taylorsville Hall every Friday, with social hour and potluck from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. until further notice with time set aside for information sharing to follow.

     “The purpose of these gatherings is to bring the community together to share and receive information regarding the future of our community,” said Kearns. Gatherings are open to anyone living in Indian Valley. Those interested in making presentations should call or text Dan Kearns at (949) 395-3694.


     Amanda Meisenheimer, a notary in Quincy, has offered her services at no cost to those who’ve lost their homes in the Dixie Fire. Her call to help can be found on facebook.

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