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No residential or commercial burning allowed on Memorial Day

The Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District is reminding all residents in Nevada, Sierra and Plumas counties that no burning is allowed on Memorial Day. There is no residential or commercial burning of vegetation allowed on designated holidays, which includes this Monday, May 29.

The district asks that you “please respect your neighbors and community as a whole and abide by this Air District regulation to allow smoke-free family gatherings during this holiday celebration.”


2 thoughts on “No residential or commercial burning allowed on Memorial Day

  • I didn’t think any residential burning allowed in Quincy area. Has that changed?

    • Yes, inside the main area of Quincy there’s no burning at all, ever, but outlying areas of Quincy Junction Road and Chandler Road, Thompson Valley, LaPorte Road, etc, can burn. The story says this law applies to all of Plumas, Sierra and Nevada counties. My lungs say Thank you for this.

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