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Nominations sought for Plumas County Fire Safe Council Certificate of Recognition Program

As part of its mission in public education, coordination and awareness, the Plumas County Fire Safe Council (PCFSC) is pleased to announce a new PCFSC Recognition Program. The intent is to identify and publicly acknowledge successful fire safety efforts in Plumas County. A Certificate of Recognition will be awarded to any person, business or community that acted in a manner which helped to reduce the losses from wildfires.

The PCFSC Council includes commercial forestry partners; federal, state and local governmental agencies; insurance industry representatives, Firewise communities, tribal representatives, non-profits and educational resources.  The PCFSC mission statement — to reduce the loss of natural and human made resources caused by wildfire — is supported through Firewise community programs and pre-fire activities. The goal is to promote the benefits of good land stewardship through education and restoration activities that result in healthier forests, resilient watersheds, and community-wide fire preparedness.

The growth of the council has been dynamic in the past few years. We now have 22 Firewise USA recognized communities in Plumas County who have coordinated with the Office of Emergency Services to address the challenges of keeping our communities fire safe,” said John Reynolds, the PCFSC board chairman. “This year’s unprecedented fire season has heightened the interest and focused many communities to respond to the risks. This new program is an effort to acknowledge and document the results of any person, business or community action that improved the wildfire safety in Plumas County.

PCSFC Coordinator Hannah Hepner said, There are individuals and organizations who have made huge investments of time and resources to keep Plumas County residents safe from wildfire. These efforts often go unacknowledged despite the collective gratitude for these actions. It is through collective effort that we can tackle the issue of catastrophic wildfire. We have some great stories to tell, and sharing them through this recognition program will show the value of these efforts.”

The nomination process and guidelines are available on the PCFSC website, www.plumasfiresafe.org, under the Recognition tab. Anyone can nominate a candidate they feel is deserving. A subcommittee will then review the nominees and submit to the Board for a vote to honor the nominee(s) with a certificate. Initially the goal will be to have an announcement at the monthly meetings, which takes place the second Thursday of every month. The first Certificates are expected to be awarded at the PCFSC’s Dec. 10 meeting.

For more information on all programs the Fire Safe Council has to offer please visit the PCFSC website www.plumasfiresafe.org: There are many outreach programs outlined for assistance opportunities and fire preparedness.






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