North Fork Forest Recovery Project meeting June 21 will focus on Taylorsville, North Arm and Genesee

Sierra Institute for Community and Environment, in partnership with the Plumas National Forest, will be hosting community meetings for the North Fork Forest Recovery Project this summer in Taylorsville and Greenville.

The first meeting will be held Wednesday, June 21 at the Historic Taylorsville Hall, located at 4322 Main St. in Taylorsville, from 5:30 to 7 p.m.  This meeting is focused on the communities of Taylorsville, North Arm and Genesee.

On July 13 and July 19, from 5:30 to 7 p.m., the meetings will be at Greenville Elementary School, located at 225 Grand St. in Greenville.  The July 13 meeting is focused on the communities of Greenville and Crescent Mills.  The July 19 meeting is focused on the communities of Seneca, Canyon Dam, Belden, Rich Bar, Virgilia, Twain, Paxton and Indian Falls.

Regardless of community focus, these meetings are all open to the public.  Community members are invited to ask questions, learn more about the project and provide input on the scope and priorities of the project.


The North Fork Forest Recovery Project is in the initial stages of the planning process, with approximately 166,854 acres in the project area.  The project is intended to restore and recover National Forest System lands heavily impacted by the Dixie Fire in 2021, the Walker Fire in 2019 and the Moonlight Fire in 2007.

“The Plumas National Forest and our local communities have been affected by devastating wildfires for the past several years,” said Forest Supervisor Chris Carlton.  “We are working closely with partners, including Sierra Institute, on accelerating forest recovery efforts.  The North Fork Forest Recovery Project is important to our communities and forest as we continue post-fire recovery work.”

Sierra Institute has experience working with the Lassen National Forest and other partners through the South Lassen Watersheds group on high-priority, large-scale, multi-jurisdictional projects to improve forest and watershed health, reduce wildfire risk and support local industry.

“We are looking forward to working with the Plumas National Forest, connecting with our communities and developing plans to help the forest recover from widespread wildfire,” said Sierra Institute Watershed Coordinator Isabella Bledsoe.  “This project is important as we not only rebuild in our communities but work to restore our forests and resources.”


For more information on the North Fork Forest Recovery Project, please contact Sierra Institute’s office at 530-284-1022.