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Notice Of Proposed Construction


Portola Substation Rebuild Project

Advice Letter Number: 205-E

November 17, 2022

Proposed Project: Liberty Utilities (CalPeco Electric) LLC (“Liberty”) is proposing the Portola 60 Kilovolt (kV) Substation Rebuild Project (“Project”) in the City of Portola, California. The Project includes decommissioning and removing the existing 60 kV Portola Substation and rebuilding it to the same 60 kV capacity within the existing parcel. The Project also includes work outside of and adjacent to the parcel, including the undergrounding of tie-ins, installation of a junction box, and replacement of the existing fence surrounding the substation parcel (i.e., the perimeter fence). The Project will increase system safety and reliability of Liberty’s electrical grid by replacing aging equipment and raising the elevation of the substation to avoid potential future flooding of the facility.

Liberty plans to begin with a demolition phase, including the removal of existing equipment and facilities within the substation parcel that are not energized or connected to energized equipment. Once the clearing and demolition of non-essential facilities is complete, grading will be conducted within and immediately next to the substation within the same parcel to bring the parcel up to the same elevation as the adjacent roads, Fourth Avenue and Gulling Street, on the north and east sides, respectively. Grading will reduce the risk of flooding and inundation, which have been experienced in the past.

After grading has been completed, the new substation will be constructed within the existing parcel. Additionally, the existing overhead tie-ins for Line 32 and Line 619, which are located outside of the substation perimeter fence line, will be undergrounded. More specifically, work will include burying approximately 50 feet of the existing Line 32 that runs parallel to the north and east perimeter fence lines and crosses Fourth Avenue to an existing pole on the north side of the street. Additionally, approximately 45 feet of Line 619 that runs parallel to the south and east perimeter fence lines and crosses Gulling Street to tie-in to existing wood poles on the east side of the street will be buried from the northeast corner of the substation parcel to a new junction box to be installed on the east side of Gulling Street. The junction box will be installed adjacent to Gulling Street, replacing two existing wood poles with existing 14.4 kV overhead wire.

Liberty will remove the remaining existing substation equipment and other facilities after the new substation is energized and placed in service. Following the completion of construction activities, the existing six-foot-tall perimeter fence around the substation parcel will be replaced in kind around the new substation facilities.

The Project is not located within critical species habitat and no waterways or wetlands will be impacted by Project activities. One jurisdictional waterway is located parallel to Gulling Street east of the substation parcel. This jurisdictional waterway is an unnamed creek that flows into Middle Fork Feather River. Construction activities will not encroach upon the bed or bank of the waterway; therefore, the Project will not result in any direct impacts. No wetlands were identified in the Project vicinity. No cultural or historic resources were identified within the Project area; therefore, no impacts to cultural or historic resources are anticipated.

Construction of the Project is scheduled to begin in 2023.

Exemption from CPUC Permit Requirement: CPUC G.O. 131-D, Section III, Subsection B.1, exempts a utility from the CPUC’s requirement to file an application requesting authority to construct if a project meets specific conditions. The Project qualifies for the following exemption(s):

  1. “the replacement of existing power line facilities or supporting structures with equivalent facilities or structures.”
  2. “the minor relocation of existing power line facilities up to 2,000 feet in length, or the intersetting of additional support structures between existing support structures.”
  3. “the conversion of existing overhead lines to underground.”

Public Review Process: Individuals or groups may protest the proposed construction if they believe that the utility has incorrectly applied for an exemption or believe there is a reasonable possibility that the proposed project or cumulative effects or unusual circumstances associated with the project, may adversely impact the environment.

Protests must be filed by December 7, 2022 and should include the following:

  1. Your name, email address and daytime telephone number.
  2. Reference to the CPUC Advice Letter Number and Project Name.
  3. A clear description of the reason for the protest.
  4. Whether you believe that evidentiary hearings are necessary to resolve factual disputes.

Protests for this Project must be mailed within 20 calendar days to:

California Public Utilities Commission

Energy Division, Tariff Unit

505 Van Ness Avenue, 4th Floor

San Francisco, CA 94102-3298

E-mail: [email protected]



Liberty Utilities (CalPeco Electric) LLC

Attn: Advice Letter Protests

933 Eloise Avenue

South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Email: [email protected]

Liberty must respond within five business days of receipt and serve its response on each protestant and the Energy Division. Within 30 days after Liberty has submitted its response, the CPUC Executive Director will send you a copy of an Executive Resolution granting or denying the request and stating the reasons for the decision.

Assistance in Filing a Protest: If you need assistance in filing a protest, contact the CPUC Public Advisor: email: [email protected] or call: 1-866-849-8390 (toll-free), or (415) 703-2074, or TTY (415) 703-5258.

Public Comment: Even if you do not want to file an official protest, you may still comment on the request. To do so, send your comments to the Energy Division at the address noted above. Please reference Advice Letter 205-E.

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