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NSAQMD offers free chimney sweep vouchers for qualifying residents in Portola area

Each year qualifying residents can receive a voucher for a free chimney sweep from the Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District (NSAQMD) in the City of Portola and surrounding area. Residents must live in the non-attainment area found on the NSAQMD website myairdistrict.com and have a wood stove that was manufactured after 1992 that is registered with the Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District.

How do you find out the age of your wood stove?

On the backside of the stove, there should be an easily located plate with the year marked.

A handy graphic demonstrating where to find the age of your wood stove. Photo by NSAQMD

The air district asks that interested residents give the district a call to schedule a registration appointment and receive a voucher if it is a newer wood stove. If the woodstove is older than 1992, the stove qualifies for a change out. In either instance, it is asked that residents contact the NSAQMD for assistance either by phone at 832-0102 ext. 2 or by  email at [email protected]. If you have already participated in the woodstove change out program, then you are eligible for one voucher per year.

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