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Ohana House discussion postponed; PCIRC focuses on relief efforts

The discussion planned for the Aug. 17  Board of Supervisors meeting regarding the $45,000 requested by the Plumas Crisis Intervention and Resource Center to help fund the Pathways Home Program and Ohana House was postponed. The center’s director, Scott McCallum, asked that the item be removed from the board’s agenda.

The money requested would have helped address the housing needs of men and women who are transitioning from prison/jail and the judicial system to the community. The request normally would have been considered by the Community Corrections Partnership, but members of that body wanted it vetted by the supervisors since the housing, which has been occurring at the Ohana House on Main Street, came as a surprise to many. The Ohana House was originally conceived to offer shelter to youth aged 18 to 24 who were transitioning out of the foster care system. Now it serves the previously incarcerated aged 24 to 54.

No date has been set for the item to come back to the supervisors.

In the meantime, the Ohana House is also serving as the temporary headquarters for the crisis center, as its main office burned down last summer and is currently under construction. The crisis center has served as the epicenter for providing relief to Plumas County residents dealing with the effects of the Dixie Fire.


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