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On the lookout for class photos from the mid 1930s

A Plumas News reader reached out for help in locating some photos related to his stepdad Frank (Les) Bishop and provided the following information.

Frank (Les) Bishop was born in 1928 and died in 2002. “Dad always cherished his early years living in Mineral,” said his stepson Wilford Ward. He attended primary school in Mineral or Chester on or about the years of 1934-37.

In providing additional information, Ward said that Frank’s aunt, Bobby Sherman (1905-1970?) had a nice split-level cabin at Mill Creek about a mile or so (west) down the road from the Mill Creek store on the north side. Les Bishop (1892-1973?), Frank Bishop’s father, moved around as caretaker and store owner finding himself in Chester in the 1930s.

Ward hopes that someone might be able to provide some additional information; he is really hoping to find a class picture that would include his stepdad.

He can be reached at 707-599-6520 or at [email protected]

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