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Online portal to file Dixie Fire claims available now

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) announced today that its Direct Payments for Community Recovery Program will be accepting claim submissions from individuals who lost homes in the 2021 Dixie Fire.

Using the new online portal, located at www.DP4CR.com, eligible individuals can submit a claim form, with supporting documents, and receive payment from PG&E to fully settle and resolve their claim. PG&E’s goal is resolve claims within 75 days from the time individuals submit a complete claim. Payments from this program are based on an objective framework that uses information about the impacted property, including square footage, acreage, and any available insurance, to calculate an offer. PG&E applies the same valuation to all eligible claims.

“This program will be a critical part of the recovery and rebuilding effort in our hometowns that were impacted by the Dixie Fire,” said Joe Wilson, Vice President of PG&E’s North Valley & Sierra Region. “Our aim in creating this program was to provide a way to easily navigate the claims process and get money into the hands of claimants as quickly as possible. If you run into issues when submitting your claim, please contact us. PG&E representatives are here to help you along the way.”

Supplementary Rebuild Payments

To further enable the recovery of the communities impacted by the Dixie Fire, and expedite the rebuilding effort in our hometowns, participants in PG&E’s Direct Payments for Community Recovery program who accept the offer and receive payment will be eligible to receive an additional $50,000 if they choose to rebuild their destroyed home. To receive this additional payment, which may be sought up to one year after the initial DPCR payment is made, individuals must provide PG&E with a copy of the issued building permit and proof that at least $30,000 in costs has been incurred toward rebuilding (contractor and architect fees, permit fees, materials costs, etc.).

 Local Assistance Center

To support the program, PG&E will be opening a dedicated Local Assistance Center in Quincy, which will be open on Fridays and Saturdays for the next several months. Times and location for the Local Assistance Center are available below:

Fridays & Saturdays

9 a.m. – 6 p.m. (closed 12 p.m. – 1 p.m.)

Plumas County Disaster Recovery Operations Center at 1446 E. Main St. in Quincy

PG&E will also be staffing additional “pop-up” assistance centers in Plumas County using its mobile command vehicles. Dates, times and locations will be posted at www.DP4CR.com as they become available.

The DP4CR process is conducted online and can be completed, from start to finish, on your home computer or mobile device. If you experience technical issues with the www.DP4CR.com website, need to scan documents, or have poor internet service, PG&E representatives are available to help in-person at the Local Assistance Center. You can make an appointment using the scheduling link at www.DP4CR.com or www.pge.com/claims. Walk-ins are also welcome and an appointment is not required to receive assistance.

Supporting Documentation


When accessing the website, users will be asked to provide documentation in support of their claim.

Supporting documentation will help PG&E verify the information stated in the claim forms and make quick offers to claimants. These documents can include a driver’s license, tax records, property deeds, rental or lease agreements and proof of insurance coverage.

Additional program information, and a complete list of supporting documentation, is available at www.DP4CR.com.

Program Eligibility 

This program is open only to individuals whose homes were destroyed in the 2021 Dixie Fire.

Dixie Fire claims that are not eligible for DP4CR (for example, commercial claims or partially damaged properties) and claims relating to fires other than the Dixie Fire are being addressed through PG&E’s normal claims process (How to file a PG&E claim (pge.com), the civil court process, or through the Fire Victim Trust established after PG&E’s Chapter 11 proceeding. The Fire Victim Trust is an independent entity and is not administered or overseen by PG&E.

Claimants Represented by Attorneys

An attorney is not needed to submit a DP4CR claim, but individuals are free to consult with an attorney, and be represented by an attorney, in filing their claim.  PG&E does not advise individuals on whether to engage an attorney, recommend specific attorneys, or provide referrals to attorneys.


If an individual is represented by a lawyer in connection with the Dixie Fire, the help that PG&E can provide by phone and in person is limited to technical assistance.  Any questions about the program should be routed through the individual’s attorney.


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