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Open seat on the Seneca Healthcare District board

By Gregg Scott

Staff Writer

Believe it or not the Dec. 1 meeting was a fairly low-key event. Why you may ask? Well, until the official count on Plumas County Measure B is certified, there is very little for the district to do or discuss regarding the new hospital plan. As soon as that happens, there will probably be a drastic change in the board discussions.

Considering that the focus of the hospital is healthcare, the good news for the day was the arrival of two new healthcare providers. Doctor Russo will be replacing Doctor Bacaam as a Locum physician for primary care, and Bob Kurtz PA-C will be a per-diem mid-level provider at the clinic.  Seneca is constantly looking for permanent healthcare providers to relocate to the Almanor Basin and hopefully the new state-of-the-art facility will improve those efforts.

The main discussion of the meeting was probably the announcement that Dr. David Walls is not going to run for another four-year term on the board. Walls explained that he has truly enjoyed being on the board, but personal circumstances beyond his control dictates that he should focus on other priorities.  The board expressed their unanimous gratitude to Dr. Walls and his unique perspective and his personal understanding of the needs of the hospital.  The board encourages anyone with an interest to sit on the board to submit a letter of interest to the board.  To avoid the cost of a special election, their plan is to appoint a new board member for a two-year term and then they can run for re-election during a general election cycle.  Stay tuned for more information on the new hospital plan.

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