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Painting the “Q” orange and red to welcome Greenville students

Quincy residents shouldn’t be alarmed to see the “Q” undergo a transformation this Thursday, Sept. 2. It’s not some back-to-school mischief, but rather an attempt to welcome Greenville students to town.

The traditionally white “Q” that looks down over town will be painted orange, red and white — orange in honor of Greenville High colors, Quincy High’s Trojan red, and a white stripe between.

Local contractor Mike Beatty thought of the idea while returning from a trip to Greenville. He mentioned it to his daughter, Jessica Stone, who is a teacher at Quincy High School and the plan took off from there.

The “Q” received a major facelift in 2018 when then the Quincy High School Class of 1966 undertook it as its 50-year project. “What we anticipated as a year-plus undertaking eventually staggered to the finish line in the late summer of 2018,” said Jerry Thomas at the time, a class member and one of the main organizers. Class members overcame a number of obstacles including accessing private property, coordinating volunteer groups and individuals, raising funds and borrowing equipment to complete the renovations.

Quincy High School Principal Tom Brown consulted Thomas in advance of the painting plan, and said that Thomas supported the goal of welcoming Greenville students and staff.

Thus far Quincy High is expecting about 20 students and is welcoming two teachers and a custodian from Greenville. “They are part of our community now,” Brown said.

Beatty Construction, Quincy Paint Center and Pav’s Custom Painting will be transforming the “Q” on Thursday, and their efforts will be visible from throughout town.

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