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PHESI: The seven Plumas Charter School students receive their certificates of completion and pose with members of Plumas District Hospital, Feather River College and PCS. Photo by Lisa Kelly

PCS celebrates career-exploration pilot program


By Rachel Goings

[email protected]



The Plumas Health Career Exploration Spring Institute (PHESI) concluded with a dinner and student presentations to celebrate the success of the pilot program. Danielle Plocki, Plumas Charter School’s Patient Care Pathway Coordinator, led seven students to complete the 75-hour course. The program consisted of lectures, nine different department rotations at Plumas District Hospital and presentations.

Darren Beatty, PDH COO and JoDee Read, PDH CEO were instrumental in the partnership between the hospital and the charter school. Several representatives from PDH were in attendance to watch the students receive their certificates of completion. “I see this program as an investment in the future and introducing young people to all of the career opportunities at PDH,” said Tiffany Leonhardt, PDH Director of Public Relations.

The students said that they were surprised with the amount of hands-on learning they got to do during the rotations. The high-schoolers all have different career goals and areas of interest but the rotation with Emergency Medical Services (EMS) stuck out as a favorite with all of the participants.

Lisa Kelly, Pathway Coordinator for the K-12 Strong Workforce Program said that the goal is to be a pipeline to fill local healthcare positions and support the nursing program at Feather River College. PHESI represents creating meaningful partnerships and bridges from education pathways to careers. “This program focused on healthcare, but we plan to use it as a model for partnerships in other industries like technology and agriscience,” said PCS Executive Director, Taletha Washburn.

Congratulations to Rylee Cooper (12th), Cate Baker (11th), Morgan Tyler (11th), Marlin Zittrer (11th), Carson Goss (10th), Kyra Cedillos (10th) and Daisy Neer (10th) for their hard work and dedication.

Plumas Charter School operates learning centers in Quincy, Chester and Taylorsville. Learn more at plumascharterschool.org

Rachel Goings is the public relations specialist for Plumas Charter School



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