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The obstetric team at Plumas District Hospital continues to provide services. From left: Dr. April Leonardo, midwife Lori Link, Dr. Paige Lewis and Dr. Erin Barnes. Photo courtesy of PDH

PDH continues to provide pregnancy, post-delivery and newborn baby services

In June 2022, Plumas District Hospital announced the suspension of labor and delivery services in the hospital.  Understandably, some took this to mean that PDH stopped offering all pregnancy, post-delivery and newborn baby services.  With this in mind, it is prudent to provide additional clarification about the types and availability of local services.

“We continue to provide prenatal and newborn care in our rural health clinic,” said Erin Barnes MD.   “We have established a collaborative care model that lets pregnant patients get their care (up to 36 weeks) locally and then deliver in a neighboring hospital,” she continued.

Certified nurse midwife Lori Link works one-on-one with patients to help ensure a smooth transfer of care to the delivering hospital of their choice.  Link explains, “We consider each woman’s personal preferences, resources, medical conditions and birthing needs, effectively centering her and her baby in the plan of care.”

Once baby is born, women can resume all care of themselves, their newborn baby and their families in Quincy.

At present, PDH provides a wide variety of pregnancy-related services including prenatal visits, routine laboratory testing, ultrasound, diabetes management, fetal surveillance tests, and childbirth classes.  Forty-eight hours after baby arrives, families can establish newborn care with their favorite PDH doctor.   Questions about prenatal and newborn appointments can be directed to 530-283-5640.

“We are pleased to provide services that make a difference in our community,” said chief executive officer JoDee Read.  “Keeping our patients close to home and supporting our providers in the delivery of quality healthcare is a high priority for the hospital district.”

A PDH taskforce continues to explore the viability of an Alternative Birthing Center.

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