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PDH to divert deliveries until Nov. 1; all other prenatal care remains

Plumas District Hospital announced this morning that it will be diverting deliveries until Nov. 1 with the goal of using the time to hire more labor and delivery nurses and a midwife. During an interview this morning Aug. 27, Chief Executive Officer JoDee Read said she is very optimistic about the future of the program. “I’m very hopeful that we are on the right track with this new nurse – midwife model,” Read said.

The addition of a midwife would give women that option if they want it as well as provide a second OB nurse during a physician birth. The position has been flown and one interview was scheduled for today.

When asked how many women would be impacted (had planned to deliver between now and Nov. 1) Read said seven. More details about arrangements for this women are included in the press release below:

Beginning the second week of July and throughout the past several weeks, dozens of community members, medical staff, and mothers have shared their opinions and experiences about Plumas District Hospital’s (PDH) Obstetrics/Labor and Delivery program.

Throughout the three community forums, the message was clear: the community wants PDH to continue offering the services.  It also became clear that a large number of expecting mothers want the services of a midwife, an option not currently available in PDH’s current practice model.

The safety and wellbeing of current expecting mothers is our highest priority. The hospital this week has made the tough decision to temporarily suspend delivery services until Nov. 1.   The decision was not made lightly.  This time will be used to restructure the obstetrics program by recruiting and hiring a Certified Nurse Midwife and additional labor and delivery nurses.  Over the course of the next few weeks, several qualified and experienced candidates will be interviewed for these positions.


Hospital staff has worked closely with each impacted family to locate and make appropriate arrangements with an alternative delivery location, such as Tahoe Forest Hospital and Enloe Medical Center.   Importantly, during this time, Plumas District Hospital will continue to provide antenatal testing, ultrasounds, labs, NST/BPP testing and other prenatal care.  Four Family Practice/Obstetrics Physicians will continue seeing their existing patients for prenatal visits, as well as take on newly expectant mothers, and see babies for follow up after delivery.  In addition, surgical services are available 24/7 should an emergency situation arise.


The Board of Directors, Administration, Medical Staff, and other healthcare staff are committed to finding a suitable solution that meets the needs of expectant moms and provides high quality, safe care to patients for the foreseeable future.


We will provide frequent updates regarding this situation. Your feedback and questions about the Obstetrics/Labor and Delivery Program is welcome. Please visit www.pdh.org and use the Contact us Form, or send an email to [email protected] .



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