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Here is the new 2016 Dodge 4x4 command vehicle that is now in service at the Peninsula Fire Protection District. There were probably some extra smiles emanating from the face of PFPD Captain Cartwright when he learned that he would be the beneficiary of this shiny new unit. The PFPD board directed Chief Pini to donate the old unit as surplus to an appropriate charity. Photo by Gregg Scott

Peninsula Fire gears up for spring

The Peninsula Fire Protection District has had a fairly active first quarter this year with 39 responses through March.

All but 13 of those calls were for medical assistance and the remainder were a mix of fire related and household assistance requests.

With spring at the doorstep, the district is getting ready for the annual increase in area activity and with it the increase in fire calls and rescue activity.

Fire Chief Gary Pini reported on upcoming events that the district hopes will help mitigate some of the conditions that create fire hazards.

The department will be starting the periodic checks on properties to identify potentially hazardous fire conditions. There will be a free chipping program in the Country Club in June to eliminate ground fuels and the Fire Wise Committee will be sponsoring a special Fire Wise Day for LACC members July 7.

This vital informational event will start at 9:30 a.m. at Peninsula Fire Hall 2 on Golf Club Road.

One of guest speakers will be Napa County Fire Chief Barry Biermann speaking about the Napa Fire and how the Fire Safe Council made a difference in the community.

CalFire Deputy Chief Pete Munda, who is also the NFPA Fire Wise USA-State liaison, will talk about the importance of ground level participation in fire prevention.

Bob Rouland of Rouland Insurance Agency will share the challenges of getting Home Owner’s Hazard Insurance for properties in or near overcrowded forest conditions along with tips on how to mitigate those challenges.

The chief also noted that the department had received delivery of the new command vehicle, which was put into use in mid-March.

The Fireman’s Association Breakfast and Fire Sirens Rummage Sale on May 27 were announced and a reminder that the Sirens Thrift Store is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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