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People Magazine and television program to feature Keddie murders

People Magazine has been working on a story about the Keddie Murders and partnered with the Investigation Discovery channel for a television special on the crimes.

According to Investigation Discovery’s website CABIN 28: HORROR IN THE WOODS is set to air
on Monday, Nov. 28, at 10 p.m., but check local listings to confirm the time.
Investigation Discovery can be viewed locally on Dish channel 192 or DirectTV channel 285.

The description reads as follows: “Sheila Sharp was only 14 years old on April 11, 1981 when she walked into her family’s cabin after a sleepover and found the bound and mutilated bodies of her mother, Sue, 36, her brother, John, 15 and his friend Dana Wingate, 17. All had been fatally stabbed, beaten and strangled and on top of that, her 12-year-old sister Tina was missing, only for her body to be found 3 years later.

“The horrific murder haunted the small community of Plumas County for years. Underneath the rural charm of the woodsy community was a vast list of suspects and illicit activity that stopped any headway from happening in the case. However, the discovery of some brand new evidence in the case along with technological developments have invigorated new life into this tragic case. After 35 years, could law enforcement finally get some answers in this grisly mass murder?”

Additionally, People Magazine is about to release its story in its weekly publication as well as in a book.

Representatives from the magazine have spent months interviewing local individuals, including many in law enforcement, and collecting pictures depicting the crime scene and subsequent investigation.

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