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PG&E and Plumas County Fire Safe Council join forces to help reduce wildfire risk

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is providing $43,615 in funding to the Plumas County Fire Safe Council to support its no-cost defensible space assistance to residents 65 years and older and those with physical disabilities.

The program provides a needed service for those who otherwise lack the means to create defensible space around their homes. The funding will support all applicants within PG&E’s Plumas County service area to receive treatments this year, or about 61 residents.

For more information, visit https://www.plumasfiresafe.org/senior-disabled-assistance.html

“The Plumas County Fire Safe Council thanks PG&E for providing funding for this defensible space project that will help protect our communities from the devastating effects of wildfire,” said Hannah Hepner, coordinator of the Plumas County Fire Safe Council.

“The safety of our customers and the communities we serve is PG&E’s most important responsibility and we are once again committed to supporting local wildfire prevention efforts in the Plumas County. This collaboration among PG&E and the Plumas County Fire Safe Council will help the communities we serve prevent and prepare for wildfires,” said Carl Schoenhofer, senior manager of PG&E’s North Valley and Humboldt divisions.

PG&E is providing $2.3 million to fund local fire safe council and 501(c)(3) organizations projects across 28 counties in Northern and Central California to reduce the threat of wildfires and help keep communities safe. Projects must be completed by November of this year. Since 2014, and including this year, PG&E will have provided $17 million to local fire safe councils and other organizations to fund more than 300 projects in those jurisdictions.

Projects have included fuel reduction, shaded fuel breaks, emergency access and wood-chipping programs.


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