PG&E shares video on home hardening projects, emergency plan for pets

In the second bonus episode of Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E) “7 Saturdays to a More Fire-Resistant Home,” customers will continue learning how to get “Ready” for fire season and make their homes and their communities more resistant to wildfire.
“7 Saturdays” is co-hosted by Alicia Mason and David Hawks, a Senior Public Safety Specialist at PG&E. Hawks, a retired fire chief of the CAL FIRE Butte Unit, has seen first-hand how simple steps taken ahead time can better prepare Californians for emergencies.
“From hardening your home to developing an effective emergency plan that includes all members of your family, including your pets, you can make sure you are better prepared to act during an emergency” he said.
This episode will cover:
  • How to effectively keep track of your home hardening projects.
  • Ways to build a comprehensive emergency plan that includes your pets and larger animals.
You can watch the bonus episode now on the Safety Action Center (, PG&E’s online preparedness resource, which provides information to help customers keep their families, homes, and businesses safe during natural disasters and other emergencies. The third episode will be released in July.