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Chandler Ross strikes out eight Grizzly batters April 18 in Portola. Photos by Mari Erin Roth

PHS Tigers split doubleheader with Loyalton Grizzlies

Portola baseball hosted a pair of games with the neighboring Grizzlies on April 18 with game one ending 19-11 for Loyalton and game two ending 17-7 for PHS.

In game one, Justin Wicks scored three PHS runs. Chandler Ross and James Sampson scored two each and single runs were scored by Lucas Helbig, Irving Juarez, Sean Sheridan and Hunter Cabral.

Drew Helbig served as catcher for pitchers Cade Wilmer and Cabral. Five batters were struck out by Cabral and two by Wilmer.

In game two, the Tigers pulled off a heck of a fourth inning, scoring 12 runs! Wow! Irving Juarez scored four runs! Demonstrating stealth, Juarez stole two bases. Drew Helbig and Chandler Ross both scored three runs each! Wicks and Cabral both scored two runs and Elijah Lopez, Cade Wilmer and James Sampson all scored for PHS, too.

Ross pitched the majority of the game striking out eight batters of 19 faced. Juarez and Jackson Powell also took turns at the mound. PHS is sporting a great crew of pitchers this season.

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