Planning commission hosts public hearing on backyard chicken ordinance

A public hearing on a new backyard chicken ordinance is being held Thursday, May 2, at 10 a.m., by the Plumas County Planning Commission.

The related workshop was held Thursday, April 4.

The ordinance would amend Plumas County Code Title 9 concerning how many chickens can be kept at single-family residences.

“During and since the development of the General Plan update, there has been much interest in the keeping of backyard chickens in residential zones that do not allow farm animals,” said Plumas County Planning Director Randy Wilson.


Currently, code doesn’t allow keeping chickens in single-family residential zones 2-R, 3-R and 7-R. The new ordinance would set standards for keeping chickens in those areas of unincorporated parts of Plumas County. That means any community aside from the city of Portola, which is incorporated. The regulation doesn’t apply to rural areas currently zoned for livestock.

The proposed ordinance would allow a maximum of six chickens on any small legal parcel, and a maximum of 12 on any parcel twice the size or more than the small parcel.

The ordinance would also set requirements for chicken coops and runs, and sets compliance requirements for waste, setbacks, prohibit the sale of eggs, slaughtering and roosters.

For more information on the ordinance hearing or about backyard chicken considerations, contact Associate Planner Tim Evans at the Planning Department at 283-6207 or email at [email protected].

The meeting will be held in the planning permit center conference room at 555 Main St. in Quincy. The entrance is on Bucks Lake Road.