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Play Festival coming to Quincy  on Memorial Day weekend: Performers Wanted

By Meg Upon

   The play is the thing. Many plays, actually. This Memorial Day weekend, (May 27 and 28), Pachuca Productions will create a festival weekend of plays with the support and inclusion of dramaworks, Plumas Arts, Triple Threat, Quincy Junior Senior High School’s drama program and other theatre like-minded groups in Plumas County.

   Dramaworks’ SWEET program will feature a comedy showcase of teen comedians at the Town Hall Theatre in the early afternoon. Pachuca will be producing small one-act plays as well as a production of  Samuel Beckett’s classic Waiting for Godot starring Patrick Parks and David Riley.

   “We’re packing a whole weekend of performances at all times of day into many locations in downtown Quincy. We’ll be looking for restaurants to either stay open or have a special menu for theatre-goers.  We’d like to involve the whole community and see people walking down Main Street going from one site to the next,” said co-organizer Tina Terrazas. Spring can be a crowded time to do events in Plumas County and there’s always the chance that some organization is doing something on any given day. But there are less events than there used to be on this particular weekend.

   Right now, the organizers are looking for groups, individuals, students of all ages who to want to participate, whether it’s dancing, singing, spoken word stage, magic—any kind of performance is welcomed and the festival will go from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. both days. Individuals and groups wanting to participate in the weekend festival should contact Pachuca Productions at [email protected] or contact Tina Terrazas at (530) 927-8222. Tickets for the festival will go on sale May 1.

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