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Plumas Arts holds opening reception for Lorraine Nielsen on Friday

Plumas Arts is pleased to announce a gallery opening reception this Friday, June 2, from 5 to 7 p.m. at 525 Main Street in Quincy.

Contemplation by Lorraine Nielsen.

For the month of June, Plumas Arts will be displaying the work of Plumas County resident Lorraine Nielsen. Lorraine considers her work a collaboration with the land, a reciprocal relationship, a devotional slowing down to find joy in the whole process: raising the sheep, preparing the fibers by hand, foraging color from the land and her dye garden. “I consider the sheep my partners, and the process of working with only local, natural materials connects me in an intimate relationship with the earth. My journey with sheep and natural dyes has led me far beyond my wildest, early spinning dreams, deep inside questions and challenges of responsible agriculture, land stewardship, “kincentric” ecology, issues of global economics, and the ethics of textiles, in addition to the pure joy and magic of creating with the medium of fiber and sharing space with the land.

These sculpted, felted creations are pieces of place, speaking their voices from the land, from respectfully foraged and windfall gifts from the landscape, and expressing images seen or imagined: everyday yet extraordinary moments and introspective visions. This current, eclectic collection includes pieces from the Dixie Fire trauma, images of hope and beauty, and an exploration of the rewilding concept.”

Plumas Arts also coordinates the art display at Patti’s Thunder Café. For the months of June, Patti’s Thunder Cafe is exhibiting a show by Bruce Titus who currently lives in Reno, Nevada but his California roots go back to the 1840s, before the Gold Rush. While he does not describe himself as a professional photographer, his images have hung in a number of art galleries over the years.  Other than a couple of photography classes in college, he is entirely self-taught.

Advances in photography equipment and software allow him to push the envelope of creativity and produce images that blur the line between painting and photography. He refers to much of his body of work as “interpreted photography.” He has put together an eclectic body of work that is a reflection of how he sees the world.

Bruce has added purely digital images to his portfolio. These images are created entirely within Photoshop and other computer programs rather than starting with a photo.

The Plumas Arts Gallery and office hours are Wednesday through Friday from 11 to 5 and Saturday 10 to 4.

Info on more events can be found on the Plumas Arts home page: https://www.plumasarts.org/

A work by Bruce Titus on display at Patti’s Thunder.
Bruce Titus is displaying his work at Patti’s Thunder.

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