Plumas Audubon Society seeks candidates for board of directors


Plumas Audubon Society is seeking motivated individuals to apply to be on its board of directors. PAS is seeking directors with all kind of skills and backgrounds. The organization values applicants with expertise in finance, outreach, education, conservation, and fundraising. If you are interested in supporting forest management, avian biodiversity, and reforestation projects, please consider applying.


Fill out the application here:


PAS’s mission is to promote understanding, appreciation, and protection of the biodiversity of the Feather River Region, especially birds, through education, research, and the restoration and conservation of natural ecosystems. Its office is located at 429 Main St. Ste A. in downtown Quincy.


Membership on the PAS’s Board of Directors is a responsibility and privilege. If interested, contact Elizabeth Ramsey, Operations Director, at [email protected] for the application questions and process. To find out more, visit PAS’s website or Instagram page.


Plumas Audubon would like to thank all of its previous board members: Suzanne McDonald, Janet Swirhun, Micah Silver, Patricia Llamas, Darla DeRuiter, Bob Beckwith, Darrel Jury, David Arsenault, Michelle Fulton, Isabelle Stone, Anthony Hall, Michelle Petroelje, Colin Dillingham, Harry Reeves, Jim Paruk, Stefania Strzalkowska, John Kafel, John Eisler, Judy Buck, Sally Yost, Linda Blum, Jeanene Hafen, Stephanie Paschal, Peggy Lutes, Don Beernsten, Hal Duria, Marianne Morgan, Sherry Yarnell, Shawn Stevens, Gary Morgan, Paul Hardy, Jeff Evans, Ron Seibold, Virginia Massey, Lin Jensen, Karen Laslo. Gary Rotta, Valerie D’Angelo-Hintz, and Yvonne Cougoulat, for their hard work and contributions to the organization.