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Grebes will be the subject of this months Plumas Audubon speaker series. Photo by Elizabeth Ramsey

Plumas Audubon’s speaker series turns to grebes March 11

The third installment of Plumas Audubon Society’s 2021 Virtual Speaker Series will be offered via ZOOM this coming Thursday, March 11, at 7 p.m. The subject will be “A Multi-Year Analysis of Aechmorphorus Grebe Breeding Populations on Lake Almanor.” The presenter will be PAS’s own Executive Director, Lindsay Wood.

Lindsay is a Chico State alumnus with extensive experience in environmental consulting, wildlife biology, field research, and water policy. She began studying grebes in 2014 in conjunction with Altacal Audubon.

The local grebe population, comprised of both Western and Clark’s grebes, have been studied by Plumas Audubon for 10 years, with Lake Almanor, a PG&E lake designed for hydroelectric production, being their primary home. They are noted for their fantastic courting rituals, floating nests, and carrying their young on their backs as they swim. The report that resulted from that study was authored primarily by Wood.

Thursday’s talk will address some of the key issues and difficulties relating to the grebes as their yearly attempts to successfully produce offspring have often been obliterated by sudden drops in water level, which leave their floating nests beached and vulnerable.

Please join us to learn more about these fascinating birds and what it will take to ensure their breeding viability for all of those who live in and visit Plumas County to enjoy. The ZOOM address is available at the Audubon website: plumasaudubon.org.

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