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Plumas Charter School’s Kieran Cooke picks up the ball to take control for the Badgers as they faced the Tigers at the Quincy Tip Off on Nov. 29. Photos by Mari Erin Roth

Plumas Charter School Badgers take home a victory, 53-42

Jess Tyler makes a Badger plan as he keeps the ball away from PHS.

The Badgers broke out into the winner’s circle Dec. 11 as they racked up their first ever victory on the basketball court when they faced Downieville on the Warriors home court.

The Plumas Charter School boys made their intentions known in the first period of the game as they inched into the lead 15-12. The PCS boys got really fired up with that first victory and burned through the Downieville team in the second period taking the Warriors down further by ending the half 34-19.

The Downieville boys were able to regroup in the second half and actually outscored the Badgers, but not enough to win over the firepower the PCS team brought to the first half. The third quarter ended 46-33 and the final score still showed the might of the Badgers, 53-42.

With the taste of victory fresh in their mouths, who knows what next to expect from these Badgers!

The boys took on the Paradise Adventist Academy Cougars at Chico Oaks Adventist School on Dec. 13 and now have a long break during the holidays before their next game Monday, Jan. 7, a rematch against Downieville. Won’t that be a great game!

Without a home court of their own, the Badgers are going to become chiefs of away games. The line up after Jan. 7 includes challenges with the Ipakanni Hawks, the Loyalton Grizzlies, the Providence Christian Lions, Ipakanni again, and a final game against the Westwood Lumberjacks.

Badger Clay Hammerich has three Tigers on his tail.

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