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Plumas County Fire Safe Council announces new recognition recipients

 The Plumas County Fire Safe Council (PCFSC) is pleased to announce the newest recipients in the Fire Safe Recognition Program. This award identifies, and publicly acknowledges, outstanding fire safety accomplishments in Plumas County.

A personalized certificate was presented at the December meeting to the following community members who have demonstrated initiative and leadership through their actions and accomplishments. Mike Callaghan was nominated by two community members and deserves the accolades that both highlight.  Chuck Bowman is a previous recipient of this certificate, but his continuing positive actions and highly deserves the additional recognition.

The council thanks them both for playing a significant part in improving community safety and emergency preparedness.

Recipient: Mike Callaghan

Submitters: Hannah Hepner, Cary Curtis

Mike Callaghan has been a member of the Fire Safe Council Board since 2008. When I started working for the Fire Safe Council in 2016, Mike was the Board Chair. He was easy to communicate with and very engaged with the activities of the organization. He played a key role in the development of the Fire Safe Council’s chipping program, which continues to provide a valuable ongoing service. He stays informed about state and federal initiatives and how they impact Plumas County residents. He shares this information at Fire Safe meetings and with the organization’s staff. He has maintained a vision of how to improve fire safety for Plumas County and gives of his own time to support its achievement. After 14 years as a Fire Safe Council Board member, Mike’s retirement from the Board is well deserved, but he will be missed. – Hannah Hepner

Definition of “Giver… “Someone who devotes himself completely.”  Mike Callaghan is a giver.  A giver of his time, his expertise, his experience, his knowledge, and his teachings, all for the betterment of achieving a more fire resilient forest in the places we all work, live and play. Mike’s leadership is not just commendable, it’s awe inspiring! I’ve never heard Mike say the word, “No.” I don’t think the word is in his vocabulary! Mike has been instrumental in developing and leading the quest for the Nakoma community to be recognized as “Firewise” and then, leading the development and execution of a best-in-class forest management program for our community.  But it doesn’t stop there!  Mike is a giver to the greater community too, helping communities to become Firewise and sharing his knowledge and passion for creating forest and structure fire resiliency. I for one am more knowledgeable after partnering with Mike for the past 13 years.  He has educated me, coached me, and given me the tools to help others.  Mike Callahan is a gem, a hero! and he is very much respected and appreciated for all he does for all of us. This nomination is not from one person, but from all of us.  Thank you, Mike! – Cary Curtis

Recipient: Chuck Bowman
Submitter: Gail Slavik

Chuck Bowman, who has been the Graeagle Fire Protection District Firewise Lead since the inception of Firewise in Plumas County, has been an invaluable resource for me and for many who are Leads outside of his formal purview. Chuck ALWAYS has been willing to help in any way with his incredible depth of knowledge as well as his kindness and clear communication skills. He’s the best. We in Mohawk Vista Community Firewise have gained so much from his expertise and willingness to work on our behalf. Thank you, Chuck. – Gail Slavik


The nomination process and guidelines are available on the PCFSC website, www.plumasfiresafe.org, under the Recognition tab.  A Certificate of Recognition will be awarded to any person, business or community that acted in a manner which helped to reduce the losses from wildfires.

 Anyone can nominate a candidate they feel is deserving. A subcommittee will then review the nominees and submit to the Board for a vote to honor the nominee(s) with a certificate. Initially the goal will be to have an announcement at the monthly meetings, which takes place the second Thursday of every month.

For more information on all programs the Fire Safe Council has to offer please visit the PCFSC website: www.plumasfiresafe.org. There are many outreach programs outlined for assistance opportunities and Fire Preparedness.

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