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Plumas County Fire Safe Council honors Ken Donnell and Paxton Lodge

The Plumas County Fire Safe Council (PCFSC) is pleased to announce the newest recipients in the Fire Safe Recognition Program. This award identifies, and publicly acknowledges, outstanding fire safety accomplishments in Plumas County.

A personalized certificate was presented at the Nov. 11 meeting to the following community members who have demonstrated initiative and leadership through their actions and accomplishments.


Recipient: Ken Donnell

Submitter: Mike Flanigan

A longtime resident and community leader in Greenville, few know of the fast and generous support that Ken Donnell (KD) provided to the Camp fire victims in Paradise. He founded the ‘Miracle City’ in Chico to aid Camp Fire survivors with food, shelter, and anything else that could be provided. Through his business dealings and connections in the entertainment industry, KD organized a concert of world class musicians to benefit the survivors. He was honored as the Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce’ ‘person of the year’ in 2018.

Now in 2021, KD lives in a rental home in Quincy. He escaped the Dixie Fire with a vehicle and a few clothes, and that’s all. He lost his home, his rental dwelling, his business, and a couple of vehicles. He did not lose, however, his kind and loving heart that immediately, and again, went into ‘how-can-I-help-others’ mode. He partnered with Plumas News and, at great risk amid pending destruction, KD stayed behind to provide fire updates throughout Indian Valley, Lake Almanor and Westwood. These updates were very important to the many residents in harm’s way. From his experience in assisting Camp Fire victims, Ken proceeded to do the same for Dixie Fire victims, raising money and coordinating all kinds of disaster resources for the Indian Valley community. All as a volunteer.

Ken Donnell is learned, talented and skilled in many ways. The character trait in KD that strikes me, is his love and care for his neighbor. We are grateful and inspired by his dedication and appreciation for the land and its people. Congratulations Ken. – Mike Flanigan


Recipient: Paxton Lodge

Submitter: Todd Kirschenheuter


Over the years the owners of Paxton Lodge have been on a path to becoming Firewise. The Team Leader has had meetings with both Firewise and Cal Fire to walk sites and recommend what our community needs to do to become as protected as possible. We feel we have done a great job to date through fuel reduction, thinning out hillsides and flat areas, sealing the structures to earth, creating access to fight a fire and so on. The Dixie fire tested our efforts, and we did not lose a single structure.

We are not where we want to be yet, our goal is not only to continue with the above-mentioned efforts but to also set up an additional 9,000 gallons of water and build a pond to catch our spring overflow to allow us to have up to 150,000 gallons of additional water. We have 6 cabins, 5 houses, three sheds, a shop and lodge and we did not have any structural damage and only lost a small section of trees near the river. It was a lot of factors, including the firefighters’ efforts that allowed us to escape this fire. -Todd Kirschenheuter


The nomination process and guidelines are available on the PCFSC website, www.plumasfiresafe.org, under the Recognition tab.  A Certificate of Recognition will be awarded to any person, business or community that acted in a manner which helped to reduce the losses from wildfires.

Anyone can nominate a candidate they feel is deserving. A subcommittee will then review the nominees and submit to the Board for a vote to honor the nominee(s) with a certificate. Initially the goal will be to have an announcement at the monthly meetings, which takes place the second Thursday of every month.


For more information on all programs the Fire Safe Council has to offer please visit the PCFSC website: www.plumasfiresafe.org. There are many outreach programs outlined for assistance opportunities and Fire Preparedness.














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